An Indian woman

against UNILEVER, see the fantastic clip on you tube = Sofia ASHRAF, a young graphist (source Le Monde newspaper)


Intern in Geneva

Communications Intern (Deadline: 1 September 2015)

Bring your diverse skill set from the classroom and put them work at WILPF. This internship will allow you to combine your passion for women’s rights during conflict and give you hands on experience working with web design, social media, campaign management, and production of publications, posters and much more.

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Sonia MITRALIA (Greece)

Project of solidarity with women in GREECE + Gabrielle NEGREL

WE NEED an autonomous organization, or rather a self-organization and the struggle of women against the debt and austerity. If women are the first victims of the current neoliberal aggression against wage earners and all of society, it is not only because they are laid off en masse and as a priority. It is mainly because a cornerstone of this aggression, namely the destruction and privatization of public services, has as a direct result that women are forced to assume within the family public utility tasks assumed until yesterday by the state. In sum, women are now called on to provide at home, in private, the services once offered by kindergartens, hospitals, hospices for the elderly, unemployment funds, psychiatric establishments, and even social security. (…)

Women need to organize independently to combat debt and austerity. If they do not, there is no one who will do it in their place. Sonia.MITRALIA, member of CADTM, the Committee for Cancellation of the Third World Debt